Alchemy Lending
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Our Story

Alchemy Lending helps people achieve financial independence and success. Whether you're looking to take out a student loan, start your own business, or invest in the future, Alchemy Lending's team of professionals is here to help you accomplish it.

Our Commitment

Reinventing the Way You See Credit

We’re a new technology company built on the belief that innovative, creative solutions deliver more value and a better experience to our customers. We analyze risks with a more open-minded approach, instead of exclusively considering credit scores.

Industry Disruptor and Leader

We're leading the governance of a new industry, developing ethical, responsible ways to bring greater value and better opportunities to customers.

World-class Experiences

Accessing credit should be seamless. We’re committed to making borrowing and investing simpler and more accessible for everyone.

Tailored to Your Needs

We know loans are not one size fits all. That's why at Alchemy Lending every loan is reviewed on a case by case basis and personalized for you specifically.